“The Beatles Unveil Emotional ‘Final Song’ After Five Decades”

In an exciting development, The Beatles have announced the release of their poignant “final song” titled ‘Now and Then.’ This long-awaited track, based on a 1970s demo by John Lennon, was completed last year by Sir Paul McCartney and Sir Ringo Starr.

The song, scheduled to premiere on November 2nd at 14:00 GMT, will also feature on newly remastered versions of The Beatles’ Red and Blue albums, coming out on November 10th.

The completion of ‘Now and Then’ was a surreal experience for the surviving Beatles, with Sir Paul McCartney expressing his excitement. He revealed that AI technology was used to “extricate” Lennon’s vocals from an old cassette, making it a genuine Beatles recording.

‘Now and Then’ has a rich history, having circulated as a bootleg for years. Written by John Lennon, the song is a heartfelt love letter to an old friend or lover. After Lennon’s tragic passing in 1980, his widow, Yoko Ono, gave the song to Sir Paul McCartney.

The release of ‘Now and Then’ will be accompanied by a documentary on its making, set to premiere on November 1st. Additionally, the BBC will launch a six-part podcast about The Beatles, with the final episode featuring exclusive interviews with Sir Paul and Sir Ringo Starr, the two remaining Beatles.

This remarkable release demonstrates The Beatles’ enduring legacy, proving that their music continues to touch hearts and inspire even more than five decades after they first took the world by storm. ‘Now and Then’ is a testament to their timeless influence and innovation, ensuring their music remains evergreen for generations to come.

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