“Farewell to Lumi and Pyry: A Poem about the Pandas’ Return to China”

Farewell to Panda
Farewell to Panda

In Finland’s Ahtari, the zoo’s plight
Two pandas, Lumi and Pyry, in sight
Brought from China on loan, it’s true
But now, their fate is not so bright and new

With debts mounting, and times so tough
The zoo can no longer keep them, that’s rough
The pandas came with a promise to bring
But the pandemic’s grip on travel, a sting

The agreement signed to protect these bears
Now seems to have been in vain, with fears
That they’ll have to return, to China’s bamboo land
Leaving behind memories, but no more hand in hand

The pandas brought joy, while they were here
But now their time in Finland, so near
The end, a reminder of the times we’re in
Where even the smallest dreams, can’t always win.

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“Lumi and Pyry”

In January 2018, two giant pandas named Lumi and Pyry were brought to Finland on loan from China as part of a joint agreement on protecting the animals. The pandas were brought to Ahtari Zoo, a private company located in central Finland, with the hope that they would attract visitors to the zoo.

However, in January 2023, the zoo announced that it was preparing to return the pandas to China as it could no longer afford their upkeep due to the ongoing pandemic and the resulting decrease in visitors. The pandas’ stay in Finland was relatively short, and their departure marks the end of an era for the zoo and for the people who were able to see and enjoy these beloved animals.

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