“Reunited Skies: Cathay Pacific Takes Flight”

A bridge once closed, now opens wide
Between Hong Kong and China’s pride
Cathay Pacific takes to the skies
With plans to double, oh how nice!

From thirteen cities, flights take off
To reunite, to laugh and scoff
With restrictions lifted, travel’s free
Families and businesses, so joyful, you see!

Before the pandemic hit the land
Flights were plenty, both ways at hand
But now with care, they will resume
And hope to reach a brighter room

By end of year, capacity’s goal
Is to reach 70, a remarkable role
And by 2024, a full recovery sought
For families and businesses, joy will be brought.

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“Cathay Pacific Airways to Increase Flights Between Hong Kong and Mainland China”

Hong Kong’s flagship airline, Cathay Pacific Airways, announced plans to more than double its flights between Hong Kong and mainland China following the easing of pandemic restrictions and the reopening of the border between the two on January 8th. The airline will resume 61 return flights to 13 cities in mainland China from January 14th, with the goal of operating more than 100 return flights per week by March.

Prior to the pandemic, Cathay Pacific operated 27 flights a week from Hong Kong to the mainland and 50 in the opposite direction. The company hopes to reach approximately 70% of pre-pandemic passenger capacity by the end of this year and a full recovery by the end of 2024. The easing of travel restrictions and the reopening of the border is expected to bring relief to families and businesses that were affected by the pandemic and have ties on both sides of the border.

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