“Capital Ascension: Ant Group’s Rise”

Ant Group’s finance unit takes flight,
Its registered capital now in sight.
With approval to increase, it’s clear,
Regulators’ concerns are now near.

From 8 billion to 18.5, the rise,
Part of the restructuring, it’s no disguise.
Ant will keep half, the other half new,
With investors like Hangzhou and Sunny too.

The future of IPO plans is unknown,
A license from the People’s Bank yet to be shown.
But this move marks progress, that’s for sure,
In Ant’s journey, it will endure.

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CNBC | CNN | Benzinga

Ant Group’s consumer finance unit receives approval to increase registered capital

“In a Nutshell” – Ant Group’s consumer finance unit has received approval to increase its registered capital from 8 billion yuan to 18.5 billion yuan. The approval marks progress in resolving the concerns of regulators, and is part of the restructuring process that Ant has been undergoing since the suspension of its initial public offering in late 2020. Ant will retain a 50% stake in the consumer finance unit, with the Hangzhou government and Sunny Optical Technology among the new investors in the other half of the company. It is unclear if or when Ant’s IPO plans will be revived, as the company has yet to receive a financial holding company license from the People’s Bank of China.

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